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So how exactly does Chinese smoke recognize accurate and fake, the four small good sense that distinguish Chinese smoke


"Zhonghua" smoke is a type of flue-cured cigarettes high-quality products, then we understand how to Marlboro Gold Cigarettes identify the real and fake Chinese smoking in everyday life? Next, the Chinese language cigarette system xiaobian that you should introduce the actual identification associated with real as well as fake Chinese language cigarettes.


Very first, look in the packaging


Genuine "Zhonghua" remove packaging clear paper because of low rubbing coefficient, really feel Wholesale Newport Cigarettes smooth; As well as false smoke cigarettes friction coefficient is actually large, slow hand, bad luster. The initial Tian 'anmen sq . design is actually complete as well as clear, along with  bright colour and original appeal, neat images and concave as well as convex. Fake "China" Tiananmen design color filling Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In USA up overflow, darkish color, colour is lighter in weight, shading feed is heavier. The phony "Zhonghua" occasionally USES recycled remove boxes, which frequently show indicators of put on and stain in the edges as well as corners, and also have been covered twice through glue or even after elimination.


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