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White Crane System cigarette security and safety identification transformations, how to name security individuality


Most for the high-grade butt cartons about Yellow Crane System series had been modified in a number, and all the high-grade butt cartons you can find circulation coexist along with the old and additionally new anti-counterfeit tags on butt cartons. Methods to identify all the yellow Crane System security identification for the true or possibly false? Now small replace with the cutting edge and unwanted anti -- counterfeiting listed for equivalence, the essential differences are the following:


First, "Yellow Crane Tower". All the old rendition of "Yellow Crane Tower" two word color choice is huge purple, choosing thermal tattoo anti-counterfeiting solutions; The cutting edge version for the character "Yellow Crane Tower" is normally pale purple colours in color choice. It isn't really printed by Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online means of heat-sensitive tattoo. The temperament "Yellow Crane Tower" isn't going to disappear the moment heated.


Subsequently, scratch movies anti-counterfeiting filling. The unwanted version about anti-counterfeiting listed design the beginning music filling, hand touch boasts a protrusive color choice is deep gray; The latest anti-counterfeiting tags have cleaned up  and removed the anti-counterfeiting filling and personalised service hotlines and additionally company webpages directly.


Two, laser tattoo. In all the ultraviolet light irradiation, the unwanted version for the security listed only for Marlboro Gold Cigarettes "1916" in the emergence about Wholesale Newport Cigarettes two silver flying cranes; The latest security labels might also feature couple of pink arriving cranes relating to the left and additionally right side for the tower type, and a hard pink bar relating to the right side for the "yellow" character for the yellow Crane System.

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