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This cigarette is a kind of pop-bead smoke, the smoke is relatively flat without pinching the pop-bead, and there is no smell. After squeezing the pop beads, this cigarette smokes full of cool mint taste, mint taste is very choking, almost no smoke, and there is a little blueberry flavor in the coolness of mint Newport 100S, the taste is relatively smooth, after smoking It’s very comfortable afterwards, and it’s a very good cigarette. The mouth of this cigarette is relatively smooth, the strength is great, the smell of smoke is mellow, and the sense of satisfaction is strong. This cigarette has a faint yogurt taste, and the taste is very good. There is almost no particularly uncomfortable feeling. The whole cigarette is smoked. The end is particularly comfortable, a very good cigarette. This cigarette has a smoother taste and a very rich aroma. It does not choke when you smoke. It has a faint sour plum smell. The smoke is relatively small and the smoke is lighter. This cigarette is more suitable for friends who just started smoking. This cigarette smokes very lightly, but the tobacco taste is mellow, the mouth is relatively soft, the taste is smooth, the smoke is very small, it does not choke the mouth and nose after smoking, and the aftertaste is very clean. It is a good value for everyone to try.. The first mouth feels that the smoke is so clean Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The 10 joules may not be enough for old smokers, but it can still satisfy most people's taste; the second mouth, slowly inhale the smoke to make the smoke The breath lingers in the mouth for a while, and it enters the throat more smoothly. You can feel the fragrance of the tobacco leaves slowly and relax, but it may be a little hot to burn the throat; continue to inhale deeply, it will have a strong impact into the lungs, and the smoke becomes full and delicate There is no resistance to smoking; the cigarette fragrance is lighter, and the delicate and delicate fragrance of tobacco arrives and gradually aggravates, without any traces of artificial flavors added. By this time the cigarette has been burned for more than half, the smoke and aroma should be the purest in this section, the tobacco fragrance is overflowing Marlboro Cigarettes, but not elegant enough, and the mouth feels a little dry. Fortunately, the satisfaction is still good, and it is sweet and natural., The agglomeration is also quite good; the flue gas in the tail section is still smooth, but a little odor is revealed.
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