Newport 100s Cigarettes fake

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3rd, true or even false


Real smoke cigarettes side from the "double Monster play bead" laser beam printing obvious, three-dimensional feeling of powerful, especially the actual beads possess a strong like the sense associated with bullets. Phony smoke "double monster play bead" laser beam printing fluffy, no feeling of three-dimensional, the entire is larger than the actual smoke.


4, left accurate right Newport 100s Cigarettes  fake


True smoke cigarettes cigarette document white covering printing obvious, the size from the whole. The whitened dots from the smoke paper aren't clear as well as vary in dimensions.


Five, remaining true correct false


Under the sun's rays you can observe the actual smoke line about the "impression from the smoke" term is azure and crimson. Under ultraviolet fluorescence, Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons what "Cloud smoke Wholesale Cigarettes Store cigarettes impression Yanzhuang" seem red. What "Cloud smoke cigarettes impression Yanzhuang" about the pull line underneath the sun tend to be white, without having ultraviolet fluorescence impact.

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