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The newest retail method has work counter to the traditional business structure. What is new retail? It's the online and offline services, together with the Marlboro Red Cigarettes negotiation method brought by the new excellent network, which forms a fresh business model. Jiangxi xinyu cigarette company has made bold creativity and exploration in the brand-new retail work, and delivered profits to the majority of store households, and began to take advantage of the dividends brought by the new retail store.

Finding data is more quickly

As ma Wholesale Newport Cigarettes started Cartons of Newport 100s Wholesale "cloud data", the use of big information and results showing the tobacco industry's sales and marketing approach, brand cultivation, consumer wasting habits and so on into the class of large data, xinyu cigarettes company organization team in monthly, weekly, daily info analysis, precise marketing strategy, to see LingShouHu. In the words involving retail user luo wei: now we do business, to discover a piece of information, a set of stats, understand a thing, too hassle-free, very fast.

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