Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes entering the store

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Clothes make the man, retail store by display. Display may look like a small thing, except for customers Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes entering the store, they will Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online feel the way of management with the boss and whether the retailer is formal or not. For example, high-end consumers, buy top Cheap Newport 100s quality wine, high-end cigarettes, the best way to let them rest assured? Good exhibit allows them to choose your personal store from many outlets. So display said modest also small , said significant also big.
First, typically the shelving principle
First of all, we should instead choose the correct position regarding cigarette display on the shelf:
Typical shelf of the prime location: 80-130cm can be seen in the eye, touch base, the delivery rate makes up 50%;
Secondary position: 140cm-180cm, 30cm-70cm, with delivery charge accounting for 30%;
Lower and upper end: above 180cm, down below 30cm, shipment rate is the reason 15%.
According to the above expectations, according to consumer demand for smokes to put cigarettes, it is very uncomplicated!

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