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Article thirty-one of the tobacco monopoly legislation

"Whoever consign Newport Regular Cigarettes or transfer tobacco monopoly commodities with no transportation permit or around the quantity specified in the vehicles permit shall be Buy Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online fined through the department of tobacco monopoly administration, and may purchase the using tobacco monopoly commodities illegally moved at the price prescribed from the state; If the circumstances are usually serious, the tobacco monopoly Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes commodities illegally transported and also the illegal income therefrom will be confiscated. "

It can be observed that the purchase of goods in numerous places and the transportation involving tobacco products  without a permit are only administrative illegal WORKS and should be given administrative fines. The public security organs cannot raise administrative cases in order to criminal cases for research. It is against the value direction of criminal law to create simple administrative cases in to criminal cases, against the additional and modest principles connected with criminal law to convict such ACTS, and from the concept of fair law enforcement along with harmonious society of the celebration and government.

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