30, 2012, the Maanshan City Conventi

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On the morning of May 30, 2012, the Maanshan City Convention Center was full of joy. I am fortunate to be one of the small reporter representatives of the "Chaojiang Evening News" budding news agency []Newport 100S[/url], and I will interview the secretary of the municipal party committee Zheng Weiwen. I am very excited, my face is full of joyful smiles, and the excitement is hard to say.g Bobo is here! Everyone stood up and applauded. Immediately, Zheng Bobo expressed sincere greetings to the small reporters present and wished them a happy of all []Marlboro Lights[/url], Zheng Bobo put forward two requirements on how to be a good reporter: one must pay attention to observation []Online Cigarettes[/url], diligently think; the second must be brave in practice. Then, Zheng Bobo raised ardent hopes for the growth of young people from three aspects: laying down basic knowledge, cultivating correct ways of thinking, and exercising good health.Zheng Bobo��s speech ended, he went to the most exciting little reporter questioning session. "What is happiness?" is the first question raised by a small reporter. Zheng Bobo said: "Happiness is a good wish. Happiness is the goal that people are constantly striving for. It is a pursuit. It requires constant efforts, and learning is the starting point." These words have benefited the small journalists. Everyone has a deep understanding of the importance of learning knowledge. the beginning of the question, I was still somewhat cautious. Driven by Zheng Bobo, the atmosphere at the scene was very active []Marlboro Red[/url]. I also raised the courage to raise my hand and ask Zheng Bobo. ��How do you view primary and secondary school students online?�� ��What should our primary school students do to create a civilized city?�� In the face of my question []Newport Cigarettes[/url], Zheng Bobo recorded it meticulously and smiled and gave detailed and patient answers. His humorous language always attracts everyone's laughter, and the atmosphere of the scene is climaxing. More unexpectedly, Zheng Bobo then asked me a question: "Are you satisfied with your own study? What opinions and suggestions do you have?" I asked for a defense against the "three no" food at the campus gate. Zheng Bobo's question was answered in the organization of extracurricular activities, the request to improve school greening and the addition of recreational facilities. For these suggestions, Zheng Bobo also recorded and answered in detail. After the interview, Zheng Bobo also signed and took photos with all the small reporters with great interest.ugh this activity, I learned how to be a small reporter and how to "read a good book, be a good person; learn knowledge, long skills."
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